Songs Of Rambo McGuire is the SESAC publishing company owned by Rambo McGuire and controls a portion of the songwriting catalogs of Dony McGuire, Reba Rambo and Dottie Rambo (Joyce Reba Rambo, legal name). This publishing company also administers the catalog of Rambeaux Woman Music which houses works by Destiny Rambo McGuire. These catalogs include songs formerly published under the names New Kingdom Music/ASCAP, Rambo McGuire Music/ASCAP and Tree And Me Music/ASCAP.

If you would like to request a mechanical license to record any song controlled or administered by Songs Of Rambo McGuire, please click the link below. For all other uses, please email all pertinent information to our email address,

If you are looking for a song written by Dony McGuire, Reba Rambo or Dottie Rambo and you can’t find who owns the publishing, please email and we will help lead you to the correct publisher.

If you are a group or artist looking for new songs to record, we’d be happy to send you some of our latest demos. Please email to request demos. Include the date of your project release, what types of songs that you’re needing (fast/slow, specific themes and such), the name and contact information of the artist/group and your website (if you have one) and we’ll determine what we may have that would fit your needs.